Strobe Accessories

In this section, you can find various kinds of replaceable parts, accessories for flash light, and light heads.

1. Soft boxes concentrate and soften light

2. Reflectors, barndoors, honeycombs, and snoots are used to direct light and create special light effects.

3. Umbrellas are used to soften light and modify color temperature.

Choose among our various light heads and bulbs. Each have different wattages and corresponding accessories.

Flash lights are used with large octagon soft boxes as a single light source as depicted in the photo. It diffuses directional light adding mood and depth. In this photo shoot, one large light source is used at 45 degrees from the front of the subject as well as above the subject. The result is a three-dimensional feel as the light from one side of the subject is slowly and smoothly faded into shadow. In this photo shoot, the power of a strong strobe light and a large soft box is key.
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Strobe Accessories
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