Halogen Light heads / Accessories / Parts

We provide numerous kinds of parts and accessories such as light bulbs, light heads, umbrellas, etc. You can find all accessories and parts in this section of our website. All these accessories and parts are designed specifically for the halogen light. All materials are heat-resistant.

In this photo, two halogen lights are used with medium size soft boxes to compliment the fill of the scene. The first halogen light is used to light the upper half of the scene, providing light for the hair and face as it reflects off the mirror. This first light is placed high and angled at about 45 degrees. This creates a downward shadow.

The shadow from the first light is filled in by the lower second light which is also used to light the bottom half of the scene. Together the two lights and soft boxes work to create a light situation that is natural and smooth, without any harsh shadows.
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